“Physical: 100” Fan Favorite Jang Eun Sil Is Going Viral For Her Badass Response To “Sexist” Comments From The Male Contestants

“I hope the guys realize how disrespectful they are being…”

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The new hottest show on Netflix has to be Physical: 100. The show follows a hundred contestants who are in top physical shape, and they compete in a series of challenges based on strength and athleticism. 

Recently, one female contestant has gone viral after netizens praised her for standing up to “sexism” from the other contestants.

“Physical: 100” poster | Netflix

Of course, as the show has gained attention, so have the contestants on the show. One of the most popular contestants has to be Jang Eun Sil.

Contestant Jang Eun Sil  | Netflix

From the minute South Korea’s Wrestling National Team member made her debut on the show, she gained attention for her strength, charisma, and talent.

| @sillllling/Instagram
| @sillllling/Instagram

Unsurprisingly, the male contestants have showcased their views on the women. Throughout the challenges, they have chosen to face the women believing they are the “easy option.”

The women have been proving them wrong and after Jang Eun Sil was the team captain of a team deemed “weak,”…

She proved them all wrong by defeating one of the strongest teams who thought they had an easy win by picking the group with the most women.

Yet, even after proving her strength and determination, Jang Eun Sil and the other female contestants still faced discrimination and sexism from the rest of the cast, particularly in the recent episode.

After defeating a much stronger and male-dominated team in one of the challenges, the remaining groups had to team together for the next strength-based challenge. The team would have to pull a 1.5-ton ship from one end of the arena to the other.

The ship the contestants need to pull in the recent episodes | Netflix

When it came to picking teams, Jang Eun Sil’s group knew that they were at a disadvantage. One of the male contestants even explained, “They must not want to team up with us because we have three women.”

Jang Eun Sil immediately had her fellow female’s back when she quickly responded, “But we’re not just any ordinary women.” The clip immediately went viral after the episode aired…

While it can be disheartening and many would give up trying to defend themselves, Eun Sil was the complete opposite. When picking teams, she went up to who she deemed the strongest team, even explaining that despite their apparent “weakness,” they had beaten the strongest team in the previous challenge.

| Netflix

As expected, the other team’s leader explained that because of the nature of the task, “We need men with strength because this is about strength.”

| Netflix
| Netflix

Yet, rather than taking the answer without any comeback, Eun Sil proved why she is such a fan favorite by replying, “Do we look like ordinary women to you?”

| Netflix

When the videos and clips were shared, netizens couldn’t stop sharing their praise for Eun Sil, criticizing the male contestants for their attitudes towards the female contestants.

Many even shared their desire for her to win, as she is one of the strongest but has been looked down on because of her gender.

Of course, women are always underestimated in shows that are seemingly based on strength. Luckily, Jang Eun Sil and the other women on the show have proved that it’s far from the truth, putting the men in their place time after time.

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