Get To Know The 23 Bad*ss “Physical: 100” Female Contestants

They’re all insanely athletic.

Netflix‘s currently airing competition series, Physical: 100, is making waves internationally for the brutal challenges and astounding strength of all 100 contestants.

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Whether viewers are tuning in for motivation…

Or to enjoy some eye candy, fans have already become invested in cheering their favorite competitors on.

The show boasts a wide variety of contestants, including some of South Korea’s top athletes, former military, and other exercise influencers.

There has already been some backlash from viewers over how some of the male contestants challenged female contestants to the one-versus-one elimination match. And viewers expressed their outrage with one aggressive move a male contestant used on a female contestant during their match.

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But there’s certainly no denying that all of the female contestants are holding their own, certifying exactly why they belong on the show.

Here are the 23 female contestants on Physical: 100.

1. Ahn Da Jeong

Ahn Da Jeong is a bodybuilder who runs the YouTube channel, Ahn Da Jeong TV.

She regularly uploads content of her intense workouts to both her Instagram and YouTube channel.

2. Choi Hyun Mi

Choi Hyun Mi is the current WBH Super Featherweight World Champion. As the contestant stated in Physical: 100, her current record is 18 wins, 1 tie, and no losses.

She also runs a YouTube channel, Champ Choi, where she showcases some of her practice matches. Meanwhile, her Instagram showcases more of her daily life, which even included learning a dance at the iconic 1 Million Dance Studio.

3. Elaine Yuki Wong

Elaine is an actress from Singapore. Before she got her start as an actress, Elaine once hoped to be a part of a K-Pop girl group, although she returned home after a year of training.

She regularly updates her Instagram account with pictures and videos from her schedules.

4. Hwang Bit Yeoul

Hwang Bit Yeoul is a crossfit athlete who has impressed her fellow Physical: 100 contestants with her endurance and strength.

She regularly updates her Instagram account with her intense workout routines.

5. Jang Eun Sil

Jang Eun Sil is a member of South Korea’s Wrestling National Team.

She uploads content of her various workouts and accomplishments to her Instagram.

6. Jeong Bo Kyeong

Jeong Bo Kyeong is a member of South Korea’s Judo National Team and won a silver medal in the 2016 Olympics.


She is not currently active on social media.

7. Joo Jo Yeon

Joo Jo Yeon surprised her fellow Physical: 100 contestants with her petite figure, but there’s no denying that as she’s been a cheerleader for almost six years she is incredibly athletic.

Her Instagram has over one-hundred thousand followers and she often uploads cheerleading content.

8. Kkang Mi

Kkang Mi served in South Korea’s Special Forces for eight years and is currently a sergeant first-class reservist.

Kkang Mi also has a YouTube channel, Kkang Raider, which she updates with videos related to her military background.

9. Kim Chun Ri

Kim Chun Ri is a famous bodybuilder who was instantly recognized by her fellow Physical: 100 contestants.

She regularly updates her Instagram with videos and pictures of her intense workout routines.

10. Kim Da Young

Kim Da Young is a stunt actor who has worked on projects like Netflix’s film Carter.

She regularly updates her Instagram with content from her daily life, including some of her exciting workouts.

11. Kim Eun Ji

Kim Eun Ji is a fitness athlete who regularly updates her YouTube channel, HIPS QUEEN, with content from bodybuilder competitions and her workout journey.

She also regularly updates her Instagram with content from her daily life.

12. Ko Da Young

Ko Da Young is a pilates instructor who regularly uploads workout content to her Instagram.

Along with some pictures from competitions she’s attended.

13. Lee Da Hyeon

Lee Da Hyeon is a wrestling athlete who competes for Geoje City. She is the first female ssireum wrestler to win a grand slam.

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She is not currently active on social media.

14. Lee So Young

Lee So Young is a fitness model who regularly updates her Instagram with pictures from her shoots.

As well as her daily life.

15. Lee Ye Ji

Lee Ye Ji is a MMA athlete who competes in ROAD FC.

She regularly updates her Instagram account with pictures from her daily life and some of her intense workouts.

16. Miho

Miho is an incredibly strong fitness trainer although not much other information is known about her.

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She is not currently active on social media.

17. Park Min Ji

In Physical: 100 Park Min Ji describes herself as the “goddess on the sand.”

Park Min Ji is a ssireum wrestler who regularly updates her Instagram with content of her daily life.

18. Seo Ha Yan

Seo Ha Yan is a crossfit coach although not much else is known about her at this time.

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She is not currently active on social media.

19. Shim Eu Ddeum

Shim Eu Ddeum is a fitness YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers on her channel, HIPEUDDEUM.

She regularly shares fitness tips, workouts, and even documents her own fitness growth.

20. Shin Bomirae

Shin Bomirae is the WBC International Super Featherweight Champion.

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She often updates her YouTube channel with content of her workouts or matches.

21. Song A Reum

Song A Reum is married to fellow Physical: 100 contestant Kim Kang Min.

The married couple are both bodybuilders who show off their impressive fitness-oriented lifestyle on their Instagram accounts.

22. Yoo Ga Ram

Yoo Ga Ram is an inline skater.

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| kcrush

She is not currently active on social media.

23. Yo Yo

Yo Yo is a model for ESteem and is the sister of fellow Physical: 100 contestant Jo Itaek.

She regularly shares updates from her work as a model, her exercise routines, and her daily life to her Instagram.

You can read more about other contestants here.

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