Who Is Agent H? Meet The “Physical: 100” Contestant Everyone’s Simping Over

He has connections to a “Single’s Inferno 2” contestant.

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The newest Netflix Korean reality show, Physical: 100, is already capturing the attention of viewers worldwide.

Whether viewers are tuning in for the brutal competitions…

Or the contestants’ toned physiques…

There’s no denying that the first two episodes already have viewers on the edge of their seats. Especially since the second episode ended right before viewers found out the winner of a match between bodybuilder Seol Ki Kwan and Agent H.

The match between Seol Ki Kwan and Agent H | @udtbro/Instagram

Agent H is a highly trained former UDT soldier, and he’s already made an impression on viewers for his outstanding performance in the first challenge and his shocking skills in the still-unfinished second challenge. Aside from just his skills, Agent H also stands out to viewers because of his “sexy” visuals.

Fellow Physical: 100 contestant talking about Agent H (top left) | @moonsaku3/Twitter

Some viewers have already made edits from the show.

So who is Agent H?

Agent H | Netflix

Viewers of Single’s Inferno 2 would be familiar with Agent H’s profession since, like contestant Kim Jin Young, Agent H (whose real name is Hwang Ji Hun) is a part of kthd studio (also known as Kick the Hurdle Studio).

Single’s Inferno 2 contestant Kim Jin Young | Netflix

Like Jin Young, Agent H also produces content for his YouTube channel and was even a main instructor for the unscripted series Fake Men, which fell into controversy over the “multiple violent scenes.

Fake Men is a parody of a terrestrial broadcaster MBC’s variety show Real Men, which features celebrities experiencing Korean military training. [Fake Men] sees YouTube celebrities undergo extremely military training…

Korea JoongAng Daily

Like his reality show appearances, his personal YouTube channel, Mission Possible, focuses on his military background, showcasing his skills.

Agent H also regularly updates his Instagram account, sharing content from his work…

And daily life.

As well as many, many pictures of his toned physique.

Although only time will tell whether Agent H will win his match (the next episodes will be released on January 31), new fans of the YouTuber have a lot of content they can watch in the meanwhile.

You can read about a familiar contestant on the show here.

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Source: Korea JoongAng Daily

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