This Picture of T.O.P Drinking With Friends On New Years Eve Is Stirring Up Controversy

Some fans aren’t sure how to feel about this picture.

It’s the New Year and BIGBANG member T.O.P has already been met with new controversy.

The celebrity, who remained out of the public eye for military enlistment and reflection following his drug scandal, was reportedly seen drinking with friends.

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The photo was originally shared on his friend’s Instagram account and was soon spread online.

Chinese media Sina reposted the photo and revealed that it was taken on New Year’s Eve—the same day of BIGBANG’s final concert, which he did not attend.

He chose to spend the last night of 2017 with his friends instead and was seen being out for a meal and drinks.

The photo and his actions received criticism as many felt he was supposed to be on a self-imposed reflection away from the public following his controversy.

T.O.P has managed to remain largely out of the public eye, with only a few exceptions from when he was spotted by eagle-eyed fans in some of BIGBANG’s sporadic SNS updates.

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The photo in question is said to have been deleted and replaced with the following image without T.O.P in it.

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