Here’s Why BTS’s “Pink Jimin” Is Going Viral In 56 Countries Right Now

#PinkJimin is trending wordwide.

BTS’ Jimin has swept worldwide trends in 56 countries with his pink hair and breathtaking performance at BTS’ concert in Nagoya, Japan on January 12.


Fans began gaining interest in Jimin’s hairstyle when he showed up at the airport on January 11 covering his entire head (and most of his face).


Then, as soon as his new pink hair was revealed at the Nagoya concert, #PinkJimin rose to the worldwide trends surpassing 1 million Tweets during the performance. The hashtag trended in 56 countries around the world including the US, Canada, Germany, France, Greece, Denmark, Korea, Japan, etc.


It was not only his pink hair that earned him this achievement, however. With his powerful choreography and vocals, he completely succeeded in mesmerizing his audience with the complete package.


Moreover, Jimin touched the hearts of fans in Nagoya by speaking to them not only in Japanese, but in a Nagoya dialect.

“Please be careful so you don’t get hurt and stay healthy this year. Let’s enjoy a good time together tomorrow too.”

ㅡ Jimin


Fans have been referring to Jimin as “Pink Jimin”, “Cherry Blossom Jimin” and “Cotton Candy”, recalling back to Jimin during “Spring Day”.


See more of “Pink Jimin” below:

Source: Herald Corp