“Okay, But Can Your Favs Do This?” — Rookie Boy Group Goes Viral For Unique Choreography That Only They Can Do

They’re the only boy group who can do this.

PLAVE is a five-member rookie boy group that debuted in March 2023. What makes them unique is that they’re a virtual boy group! Although they’re decidedly 2D rather than having AI-like 3D features, the group uniquely promotes similarly to normal K-Pop groups.

They even have a photo in front of the iconic Inkigayo pink wall!

Their literal manga-like features and OST-like songs are a huge draw for fans.


Recently, they came back with “The Sixth Season,” and even promoted through Mnet’s Relay Dance. The group surprised fans when they were posted on the official “M2mpd” channel. While the song was impressive, they went viral for a whole other reason — they are the only boy group that can fly!

At the highlight of the song, member Noah starts to rise up.

He then flies up and away!

The moment quickly went viral on social media, hitting over 2.4 million views in just a day.

F*cking funny. Your oppas can’t do this, right?”

— @g0chu517

Netizens responded to the moment comically.

| m2mpd/TikTok
  • LOL, insane. They just flew.
  • I was so shocked because he suddenly rose up.
  • LOL, he flew like Iron Man, then came running for his next part. Cute chick.
  • LOL.
| m2mpd/TikTok
  • Plus point of PLAVE is that they can fly.
  • The true fairies.
  • The plus point of AI idols.

Other idols certainly can’t do what they do!

Source: Tiktok