Play M Entertainment Shuts Down Dating Rumors Between Apink’s Jung Eunji and X1 & VICTON’s Han Seungwoo

Play M denied the rumors.

Play M Entertainment has shut down rumors of Apink‘s Jung Eunji and X1 & VICTON‘s Han Seungwoo dating after they were spotted shopping together.

Netizens uploaded pictures of two people who appear to be Jung Eunji and Han Seungwoo shopping together at Hannam Starfield back on December 13, 2019 around 6pm KST.

While the posts did not clearly show the two people’s faces, netizens quickly deduced that they were Jung Eunji and Han Seungwoo from their clothes and what they could see from their faces.

In response to the dating rumors, Play M Entertainment, which houses both Apink and VICTON, firmly denied such dating rumors.

After looking into the reports and the pictures, it is true that the two people in the photos are Jung Eunji and Han Seungwoo.

However, it is false that the two are dating. The reports that are spreading online are not true.

The two are good junior-senior friends from the same company, we would like you to refrain from making further speculation.

— Play M Entertainment


Source: Herald Pop and MK Sports