Pledis bans numerous SEVENTEEN fansites from all future official events

It is common knowledge that fans will overcome any obstacles to capture that perfect image of their favorite group.

Fansites in particular, are revered in the fandom community as they provide beautiful, high quality photos that cannot be matched by paid photographers. While a fansite’s dedication to their craft is admirable, many advise to respect the space and privacy of idols.

Pledis Entertainment, home of notable groups such as After SchoolOrange Caramel, and NU’EST, is taking action to protect their popular and rising rookie group, SEVENTEEN.

Sixteen SEVENTEEN fansites were caught posting photos from forbidden areas such as the secured areas inside airports and even the interior of a plane. Pledis is now banning them from the company’s official events and has boldly provided a list of the excluded individuals.

The safety of idols has been a growing concern; due to the rise of technology and social media, their whereabouts can be made public in an instant. Large gatherings of fans often causes a frenzy and may lead to dangerous conditions for idols, fans, and innocent bystanders.

Hopefully this move by Pledis will improve the conditions of their artists and fans.

Pledis Bans 16 Seventeen Fansites From Attending All Official Events from kpop

Source: Reddit