Pledis Entertainment CEO Han Sung Soo Gives Up Copyrights and Profits For IZ*ONE Songs Under Wife’s Name

He gave it all up.

Pledis Entertainment‘s CEO Han Sung Soo has given up the copyrights and profits that his wife SO JAY receive for IZ*ONE‘s songs.

According to an exclusive report from Dispatch, Han Sung Soo has decided to relinquish all 8 copyrights that his wife, identified as SO JAY, was credited with. In addition, he will be returning all of the profits she received as SO JAY to the original composers and writers of the songs.

Han Sung Soo signed a contract with CJ ENM to lead the production of Produce 48 and they also received a portion of the royalties from sales of IZ*ONE’s albums. However, he also registered his wife “Park” under the name SO JAY as a part of the producing team for 8 IZ*ONE songs: 5 songs from mini-albums and 3 from their full album.

Following the reveal, Han Sung Soo has removed most of the copyrights SO JAY is registered under. All 8 of her lyricist copyrights are gone, and only one composer copyright remains for the Produce 48 finals song “WE TOGETHER.”

Dispatch was also able to obtain a copy of the distribution of equity within a song, showing how SO JAY’s percentage has been reduced to 0.

While Dispatch’s image is wrong, SO JAY was given 50% equity of one song, while producer “A” received 30% and producer “B” received 20%. Following the removal of SO JAY from the song, both “A” and “B” were now given 50% equity of the song.

One lyricist who was affected by this incident told Dispatch that they hope this incident leads to the elimination of copyright abuse within the music industry, stating that it’s only fair for the producers of the song to receive their rightful money.

Source: Dispatch