Pledis Entertainment’s New Boy Group TWS Faces Logo Plagiarism Controversy Ahead Of Debut

What do you think? Are they too similar?

Pledis Entertainment’s upcoming new rookie group TWS, also known as SEVENTEEN’s junior group, was embroiled in a logo plagiarism controversy before its official debut. Recently, TWM Strap, a custom watch strap brand, called out the group on Instagram.

TWM Strap | twmstrap/Instagram

A group called TWS copied and used my logo. A very similar logo…It’s a logo I drew by hand and have trademark rights to…This is a frustrating start to a new year…I will have to report this as trademark infringement through a lawyer tomorrow.

If you compare the group’s logo to my precious’s just outrageous. It’s a precious logo with trademark protection under my name..I can’t just let this go.

TWM Strap | twmstrap/Instagram

I have been using the TWM strap logo since September 2018, and it is my own creation that has registered trademark rights. I cannot accept copies. This logo is the face of my brand. I have received threat messages, and I will be capturing them and reporting them.

The brand added that the logo was a valuable asset to the brand and that they will take legal action.

TWM Strap | twmstrap/Instagram

I contacted the Pledis officials regarding the logo, but received no response from Instagram. The logo is a valuable asset of mine that I drew by hand and trademarked based on it. Designs that copy this are unacceptable. It is especially disappointing that an entertainment company whose name is life took care of the matter without even properly checking it. As soon as you see it, please leave your contact information or contact me on my YouTube channel or Instagram. If you do not contact us in this regard, we will take legal action through a lawyer. This logo is my creative work and a precious logo that I have been using for several years.

Netizens that saw the news agreed that the logo was too similar.

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Thank goodness the brand has trademark rights to the logo.”
  • “It looks totally the same?”
  • “It’s too similar…looks like it’s going to be a problem.”
  • “Wow it’s way too similar.”
  • “It’s too much the same.”
  • “Hmm..this is too much…”
  • “Why…to them it might be easy, but for the brand it must have taken a lot of thought to make it.”
  • “It’s too similar.”

On the other hand, Pledis has not responded to this yet.

Source: topstarnews and theqoo