Pledis Entertainment Announces PRISTIN’s Official Disbandment

The members will be going their separate ways.

On May 24, Pledis Entertainment announced that the PRISTIN will be disbanding after 2 years of promoting as a group.


Read their official statement below:

Hello, this is Pledis Entertainment.

Firstly, we sincerely thank all fans who have loved and supported PRISTIN.

We deliver our official statement regarding PRISTIN’s contract termination and disbandment.

After thorough discussions and deliberation with the members, the 7 PRISTIN members ‘Nayoung, Roa, Yuha, Eunwoo, Rena, Siyeon and Kyla’ excluding ‘Kyulkyung, Hana and Sungyeon’, who have been together for the past 2 years, have decided to terminate their exclusive contracts with our company as of May 24, 2019 (contract expiration date).

We’d like to first apologize for delivering this unfortunate news to fans who have always been supportive.

As a sensitive issue, we’ve decided to respect the decisions of the PRISTIN members after a sufficient amount of time, thought and discussions and have come to the conclusion that PRISTIN will disband and terminate their contract with our company.

Members Kyulkyung, Hana and Sungyeon have expressed their desire to stay with our company and we plan to actively support the individual activities of Kyulkyung, Hana and Sungyeon. We will not heistate to give our full support so that they can promote more actively and variously.

Moreover, we deliver our deep gratitude towards the PRISTIN members who will be leaving our agency. While our official contract has been terminated, we will continue to sincerely support their futures.

We sincerely apologize for the delayed announcement due to our careful decision regarding this important issue and for inconveniencing fans. Finally, we ask that you continue to support the futures of the 7 PRISTIN members who are beginning a new path and Kyulkyung, Hana and Sungyeon.

Thank you.

ㅡ Pledis Entertainment

Source: Newspim