Pledis Entertainment Come Together For A Wedding Worthy Of A K-Drama — SEVENTEEN’s BSS Create “Chaos” In The Best Way

It was for two staff members.

When it comes to chaos, you can’t spell it with SEVENTEEN‘s BSS (Hoshi, DK, and Seungkwan).

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi | @pledis_17/Twitter

Since the debut of the subunit (which actually unofficially dated back to their pre-debut days), the members have always kept spirits up with their catchy music and charming personalities. It seems not even a wedding is immune to their “shenanigans.”

On May 15, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when artists from Pledis Entertainment came together to celebrate the wedding of two of their staff members. It was even sweeter as netizens believed the marriage was between one of SEVENTEEN’s managers and a makeup artist.


What was even sweeter to fans was seeing that the wedding venue was seemingly the same place SEVENTEEN filmed the “April Shower” live clip.



Netizens couldn’t believe that they were seeing a real-life K-Drama play out.

Like many weddings, they need entertainment and BSS was the perfect choice… to create some chaos!

At one point, while singing “Just Do It,” the members changed the lyrics, not only asking the bride and groom to kiss each other (which they did), but Seungkwan singing “HONEYMOON, BABY” at the end of the line.

It wasn’t just the bride and groom who felt the full force of BSS’s energy, as even the parents of the happy couple had special interactions with the members. 

As always, BSS are the perfect guests at any event, able to hype the crowd up and create a truly unforgettable experience.


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