Polaris Entertainment responds to latest rumors of Ladies’ Code comeback this year

Recent reports from the media have revealed that Ladies’ Code may be preparing for a comeback sometimes this year. However, the girl group’s agency has quickly denied such plans.

As per the last update, while the three members of Ladies’ Code have returned to living together in their dorm and have continued their vocal and dance lessons under the agency.

A Polaris Entertainment official reiterated the above statement to TV Report on May 29th, adding that, “There are no concrete plans for a comeback.”

The official continues to say that the three members — Ashley, Zuny, and Sojung — are still relying on one another through this hardship and adjusting to their current living accommodations. While they are going back and forth between their dorm and their lessons, there are no plans for them to make a comeback this year as of now.

“The three members are splitting their time between practicing and in the rehearsal room and are doing well.”

This August, the agency confirmed that Ladies’ Code will be holding a memorial concert in Tokyo, Japan for members Kwon RiSe and EunB. 

“RiSe grew up in Japan and the members always wanted to pursue activities in Japan, so we are planning a memorial concert in Japan,” explained the official.

Source: E-Daily, Joy News 24 and TV Report