Police Have Arrested The Man Who Threatened To Throw Acid At TWICE

The man was arrested and dealt with accordingly.

The man who had threatened to throw acid at TWICE through an online community has finally been caught.


In July 2017, a user of the Korean online community, Ilbe, had uploaded a post threatening to pour 10 liters of acid at the members when they returned to Korea from Japan.

“Alright sure, money is great. Money truly is the best right? Since it’s ok to leave Korea [for money] don’t ever return to Korea again. If you guys return, I will be waiting with 10 liters of acid at the airport.”


As a result of investigations, it was revealed that the man who threatened TWICE with acid was in his early 20’s. The police clarified that the man had been dealt with accordingly.

“After arresting the suspect, we dealth with him in accordance with the law.” ㅡ Police


An affiliate of JYP Entertainment also confirmed the arrest.

“It is true that the suspect was arrested and I believe he was arrested in July of last year.” ㅡ JYP Entertainment Affiliate


Moreover, the police have revealed that the man who continued to threaten Apink with bombings will also be shortly arrested. With the help of Interpol, they’ve begun a cooperative investigation and have confirmed the identity of the suspect to be a Korean-Canadian in his early 30’s who resides in Canada.


Meanwhile, netizens are simply relieved to hear that the man who threatened TWICE has finally be caught.

  • “It’s such a relief that he got caught. I continue to realize this more and more, but there are so many psychos in this world, it’s truly scary.”
  • “There we go lol. See, it’s not always in the media but investigations are still going on. Ilbe users threaten celebrities and attack their character like it’s nothing, but they’ll eventually get punished for it. Don’t go crying in regret once it gets that far and just stop now. Honestly, if they trace your IP, it’s game over.”
  • “Yes, the suspect has been caught!! I hope the suspect who threatened Apink gets caught too.”
  • “What a relief…let’s hurry up and catch the guy who did this to Apink too.”
Source: Segye Ilbo, Naver and Newsen