Police Close Goo Hara’s Theft Investigation Due To Inability In Identifying The Culprit

The CCTV footage was not enough.

The investigation regarding Goo Hara and her theft case has officially been closed.

Goo Hara | Content Y

The Seoul Gangnam Police Department confirmed on April 28 that they concluded Goo Hara’s theft investigation back in December of 2020. The police department stated that “while they made efforts to identify the culprit from the CCTV evidence, it was difficult with the video footage provided.” 

Seoul Gangnam Police Station | Newsis

Previously, it was reported that a thief broke into Goo Hara’s home and stole a safe not long after she had passed away. The incident happened in January 2020, two months after her death, but Goo Hara’s friend and her brother were made aware of the situation in April of the same year. After Goo Hara’s brother reported the theft, an internal investigation was launched.

CCTV footage was provided by Goo Hara’s brother, as her home was equipped with numerous cameras. After professional analysis of the footage was completed, it was reported that the thief was likely to be someone who knew Goo Hara since they knew the layout of her home. The suspect was captured on camera attempting to enter Goo Hara’s residence by entering a passcode into her door, which also further proved that they knew Goo Hara personally.

Photo of the thief, provided from Goo Hara’s home cameras | Dispatch

In regards to a potential future investigation, the Seoul Gangnam Police Department commented that, “it is only possible when additional evidence is provided. So far, there have been no other findings.” 

Source: Naver News