Police Officer In Charge Of B.I’s Case Revealed To Have Received Special Promotion

He received the promotion for contributions towards the case.

It has been revealed that the police officer, who is involved in the controversy over the poor investigation of B.I‘s drug case, received a special promotion for his contributions in relation to the case.


In August 2016, the police officer, A, who worked at the Gyeonggi Yongin Dongbu Police Station, conducted an investigation in relation to the drug charges.

At the end of that year, the police officer received a special promotion and rose in rank. The reason for the special promotion was his contributions towards the crackdown and arrest of drug users.


Lawyer Bang Jung Hyun revealed information regarding the case on Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show and brought up the suspicions on YG Entertainment‘s police collusion. Bang Jung Hyun is the lawyer who submitted Jung Joon Young‘s chat logs to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission and is also currently Han Seo Hee‘s lawyer.

When Han Seo Hee was arrested, the police mentioned B.I first. They confiscated her mobile phone and took photos of all her text messages with B.I. Han Seo Hee told them that she got drugs for B.I during the suspect investigation but there is nothing about this in the interrogatory.

ㅡ Bang Jung Hyun


Meanwhile, A (the police officer in charge of the case) is denying any suspicions of poor investigation and has claimed that Han Seo Hee reversed her statement. Moreover, A claimed that they were going to investigate B.I separately, but were suddenly ordered to forward the case to the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office.

Eventually, they wrote B.I’s charges on the investigation report forwarded to prosecution but the prosecution has denied giving such orders.

Source: Dispatch

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