Police Planning To Bring In Trainees From “PRODUCE X 101” For Questioning

They plan to summon trainees for questioning.

Following the arrest of Produce series PD Ahn Joon Young, the police are reportedly planning to summon trainees who appeared on Produce X 101.

Police believe that there are trainees who have benefitted from the rigging of votes, while others were put into a disadvantage. Police are planning to have a full-scale investigation.

They are specifically looking to bring in trainees from agencies who were raided in the past. They also plan to bring in trainees who experienced a sudden drop in rank. Police are likely to ask trainees whether or not they heard stories during the filming process of if they heard about the votes being manipulated from their or other agencies.

Police are planning to figure out if their companies intentionally dropped the trainees that were meant to be at the top out of fear that they will be unable to focus on company-based activities if they made it the top 11, or the debut line-up.

The debut line-up of Produce X 101 is now known as X1, and consist of trainees from Starship Entertainment, OUI Entertainment, TOP Media, MBK Entertainment, DSP Media, Brand New Music, Yuehua Entertainment, Woolim Entertainment, and PLAN A Entertainment.

The police are currently investigating whether there were receptions and lobbying from the major label from the start of the season down to determining the final 11 trainees.

PD Ahn was arrested on November 5 on the terms of fraud and solicitation. He was found guilty of manipulating the final votes for Produce 48 and Produce X 101.

Source: Daum