Police Reveal They Have Booked 10 People Related To “Produce” Series Vote Rigging, Including Senior CJ ENM Officials

More people involved have been booked.

Police investigating the vote rigging and manipulation for Produce X 101 have now booked a total of 10 people, including senior CJ ENM officials and officials from entertainment agencies.

Lee Yong Pyo, Commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, revealed in a press conference on November 12 the details.

The number people who have been booked related to Produce 101 is now 10, including high-ranking CJ ENM officials.

This includes Ahn Joon Young PD and Kim Yong Bum CP, who had their arrest warrants approved, and “Lee” PD and Starship Entertainment vice president “Kim” who had their arrest warrants denied.

We believe the investigation should be carried out thoroughly, in accordance with recognizing a fair society. We are also thoroughly investigating the case, such as suspicions surrounding agencies such as providing favors, the specific involvement of high ranking officials.

— Lee Yong Pyo

He also provided an update on Ahn Joon Young and Kim Yong Bum, whose cases are set to be sent to prosecution.

The time we are allowed to hold them (in jail) expires on November 14. We will be sending their cases to prosecution on November 14.

— Lee Yong Pyo

Source: Star News