Police Reveal Plans To Question B.I Over His Past Drug Scandal

They will begin investigations soon.

The Gyeonggi Southern Province Police Agency has revealed to the public that they intend on summoning former iKON member B.I for questioning and investigation over his past drug scandal.

In their announcement, they said that investigations on B.I will begin next week, after the Chuseok holiday. They plan to question him over his 2016 marijuana scandal, such as whether he purchased the illegal drug and if he used it.

Following investigations into B.I, police also plan on investigating Yang Hyun Suk for his involvement in the case, such as whether or not he became involved in the case to manipulate the previous outcome. Previously, it was reported that Yang Hyun Suk tried to influence the case when Han Seo Hee (“A”) reported it.

A source from the Gyeonggi Southern Province Police Agency commented on the investigations of B.I.

We cannot reveal any specific details at the moment because we are in the middle of an investigation, , but we are working on coordinating a time where “A” and B.I can undergo investigations.

After their statements, we will thoroughly investigate to check whether what they say is true or not.

—  Gyeonggi Southern Province Police Agency

Back in June, it was revealed that B.I was suspected of purchasing LSD and Marijuana. He later admitted he thought of using them, but never did, and withdrew from iKON.

Source: Yonhap

B.I's Drug Scandal