Police Reveals Additional Information On BTS Jungkook’s Car Accident

Additional news from the accident has been released by the police.

The police have stated that they have not formally established a statement regarding BTS Jungkook’s violation of the road traffic law.


The Yongsan Police Station in Seoul received Jungkook’s case on November 4 and is currently investigating the details of the alleged road traffic law violation.



The police revealed that around the end of October, Jungkook had an accident with a taxi in Hannam-dong.

They also do not have the details of the taxi driver’s injuries and will wait for a formal diagnosis before releasing a statement.



They also revealed that after testing Jungkook with a breathalyzer, it confirmed that he was not under the influence while driving.

Big Hit Entertainment also released an official statement regarding the accident.




Previously, news of Jungkook being sent for questioning by the police raised attention among many people and fans.

Source: daum