Police Revealed Seungri’s Chatroom Contained Message Suggesting Support From Police Chief

“The police chief is watching our backs.”

During an urgent press conference held on the afternoon of March 13th, the police revealed that messages in Seungri‘s chatroom suggested support from a police chief.

In the content of the group chatroom from October 2016, the term “police chief” was mentioned. There was a conversation that suggested not to worry about the civil complaint regarding the business since the police chief (would take care of it).”

ㅡ Police


Previously, lawyer Bang Jung Hyun stated the suspicions about a high-level officer who was mentioned in the chatroom numerous times.

Lawyer Reveals That High-Level Official Was Mentioned In Jung Joon Young’s Hidden Cam Chatroom


It has also been reported that the chatroom contained messages that mentioned the successful cover-up of Choi Jonghoon’s DUI (driving under the influence) case.

The conversation consisted of worries about reports on a DUI case and that someone had covered it up.

ㅡ Police


Chief Min Gap Ryong of the National Police Agency has stated that the police will do their best to investigate suspicions of the corrupt relations involving the highest levels of the police.

Due to the nuances that suggest that (a high-level chief) was watching their backs, we are thoroughly conducting investigations for any connections. For now, we are conducting an internal investigation.

ㅡ Chief Min

We will utilize all capabilities of the police to thoroughly investigate/inspect the suspicions about the corrupt ties involving the highest levels of the power.

ㅡ Chief Min 


Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the term “police chief” was mentioned in the chatroom in July 2016. At the time, Chief Kang Shin Myung was serving in the National Police Agency (not Chief Min), and former Chief Lee Sang Won was serving in the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

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