Polish TV Show Under Fire For Making Racist and Homophobic Remarks Towards BTS

W tyle wizji has been accused of being racist and homophobic.

Polish TVP‘s nightly journalistic program W tyle wizji is under fire after making racist and homophobic comments towards BTS.

Earlier this year, one Polish television program received heavy criticism after making racist comments towards Jungkook and J-Hope.

Polish TV Show Under Fire For Remarks About BTS’s Jungkook And J-Hope

Now another Polish television show has been outed for their hosts’ racist and derogatory comments towards the members. In their segment, even though they stated that they “Liked BTS,” they referred to the members’ outfits as “ice cream”, which carries a very homophobic connotation, and also included a comment that is considered racist, referring to the stereotype that all Asians have slanted eyes.

The television station in question is TVP, who according to ARMY, are known to be racist in their commentary.

The show actually directly refers to the January 2020 incident where a different Polish television program made racist remarks towards Jungkook and J-Hope, but then they proceed to do it themselves. The hosts also continuously mispronounce BTS, and also throw in many comments about how much they like K-Pop in an attempt to cover themselves.

A more definitive breakdown of what “icemans” means in Polish slang terms is that it can refer to performing a sexual act on a male. The image below does contain some graphic language.

However, the hosts may not have actually meant to refer to the BTS members in a homophobic way, based on another ARMY’s explanation of the term.

Nevertheless, ARMY are working to have their voices heard by the show’s producers, and are angry that such comments about BTS could be made and construed on live television.