Popular Actor And Reality TV Star Confirmed To Be Dating

Congratulations to the couple!

Popular actor Kwak Si Yang and Heart Signal 2 star Lim Hyeon Joo are confirmed to be dating.

According to an exclusive report from SPOTV, Kwak Si Yang and Lim Hyeon Joo recently started dating after getting to know each other through mutual acquaintances. As they continued to stay in contact with each other, their relationship developed from just friends to a romantic relationship. Kwak Si Yang is 36, while Lim Hyeon Joo is 31.

Kwak Si Yang

The two would often like each other’s social media posts, and there were also suspicions that they were wearing couple rings on their Instagram posts, leading some fans to think they were dating early on.

Lim Hyeon Joo

Kwak Si Yang’s agency confirmed the report in a statement to Sports Donga.

Hello, this is Kwak Si Yang’s agency, Drawing Entertainment.

We would like to share our official position regarding the reports of Kwak Si Yang’s relationship that was reported today.

The two met through mutual acquaintances and naturally developed into lovers and are continuing to meet. Please look over them warmly.

Thank you.

— Drawing Entertainment

Kwak Si Yang debuted in 2014 through the movie Night Flight and has since held roles in popular movies The Battle of Jangsari and The Witness as well as K-Dramas Oh My GhostChicago TypewriterWelcome 2 LifeLovers of the Red Sky, and Café Minamdang. Lim Hyeon Joo made herself known through Heart Signal 2 and proceeded to appear in K-Dramas A_DeadbEATs_Meal and Start Up The Engine.

Source: SPOTV and Sports Donga