Popular Actor Studied “Real Life Psychopaths” For His Newest Role In Thriller K-Drama

“The videos I researched, where actual psychopaths were interviewed…”

Yoo Yeon Seok, widely recognized for his heartwarming roles, is about to send chills down your spine in the upcoming K-Drama, A Bloody Lucky Day.

Most fans cherish the warm memories of Yoo as the approachable doctor from Hospital Playlist or the loving baseball player in Reply 1994. But this cherished actor is set to showcase a stark transformation in Tving’s A Bloody Lucky Day, where he steps into the shoes of a relentless serial killer.

Yoo in “Hospital Playlist” | tvN

The significance of this transformation is underlined by the show’s selection to be screened at the “On Screen” section of the 28th Busan International Film Festival (also known as BIFF).

Yoo in “Reply 1994”

In an exclusive peek into his preparations for the role, Yoo divulged that he studied real-life psychopaths. He shared more about the process of “learning” from them at the special Guest Visit event in Busan.

The videos I researched, where actual psychopaths were interviewed, revealed a unique trait — sharp, focused eyes when they speak. I aimed to bring forth that cold simplicity in my portrayal, mirroring that very directness and clarity.

— Yoo Yeon Seok

Yoo in “A Bloody Lucky Day” | TVing

The series, adapted from a beloved webcomic, revolves around Oh Taek, the taxi driver played by Lee Sung Min. Fortune appears to smile upon Oh after a dream about a pig, a symbol of good luck in many cultures. His day is full of back-to-back fares, promising a pocketful of earnings. But as dusk approaches, his last passenger, Hyuk Soo, portrayed by Yoo, offers a substantial amount for a long trip. What begins as a straightforward ride soon turns dark when Oh realizes that he’s trapped with a murderer.

For Yoo, this series was serendipitous. He remarked that he often found himself yearning for darker roles.

Amidst my filming of a medical series, I found myself yearning to diversify my portfolio. This script landed in my lap around that time. The webcomic was my introduction to the story, and I was instantly smitten by the character.

— Yoo Yeon Seok

Yoo in “A Bloody Lucky Day” | TVing

Tving’s enthralling series will soon be available for streaming come November. SO, K-Drama fans, brace yourselves for a ride filled with suspense, drama, and exceptional performances.

Source: Korea Times