Teen Actor From “The World Of The Married” Shows A Dramatic Transformation In Recent Updates

No wonder he got picked to play the character of Jungkook!

The World Of The Married was one of the most talked about K-Dramas in 2020. Starring Kim Hee AePark Hae Joon, and Han So Hee, the show told the story of a marital betrayal that unleashed a whirlwind of revenge and grief, eventually leading to forgiveness and healing.

“The World Of The Married” poster | Netflix 

Apart from the main cast, the actor who stole the audience’s heart was the then-13-year-old Jeon Jin Seo. Viewers could not get over his idol-like visuals and commanding screen presence despite his young age. Jeon played the role of Lee Joon Young, the puberty-stricken son who became collateral damage to his parents’ conflicts.

Jeon Jin Seo as Lee Joon Young | Hancinema

Though carrying such a heavy role as a 13-year-old could be burdening, Jeon Jin Seo did the job spectacularly well. The fact that he has been an actor since he was six years old probably had a lot to contribute to that. Jeon debuted in 2012 as a child actor and has worked in top-tier shows such as Legend of The Blue Sea and Mr. Sunshine.

A young Jeon Jin Seo | Hancinema

Thanks to his stand-out visuals, he also played younger counterparts to actors such as Lee Min Ho and Ahn Jae Hyun. Interestingly, he was cast to play the younger version of Lee Min Ho in two different dramas, The Heirs and Legend of The Blue Sea.

Jeon Jin Seo with actor Lee Min Ho | biaswrecker.com

Though it has been only two years since Jeon Jin Seo won people’s hearts with his performance in The World Of The Married, his recent appearance looks very different from then.

Jeon Jin Seo in 2020

Despite being a famous actor, Jeon uses his Instagram sparingly. In recent months, he uploaded some pictures from a professional photoshoot, showing a more mature look than before.

| @jeon.jin.seo/Instagram

Though the actor still has the same adorable facial features, the change in his styling is noticeable. He sported a clean and casual look in all the photos with neutral-toned outfits and a more grown-up hairstyle.

| @jeon.jin.seo/Instagram
| @jeon.jin.seo/Instagram

Jeon Jin Seo’s face seems to have gotten a bit more sculpted as well, making him look like a youthful protagonist who stepped out of a coming-of-age drama.

| @jeon.jin.seo/Instagram
| @jeon.jin.seo/Instagram

Though he has not appeared in any other project after The World Of The Married, fans will soon get to see him in the BTS-universe-inspired K-Drama YOUTH, which is expected to arrive in November 2023. He will be portraying the character of the group’s youngest, Jungkook.