Luxury Apartment Where Popular Actress Was Found Dead Is Being Sold For A Shockingly Low Price

Netizens are shocked.

The luxury apartment where renowned Hong Kong actress Lai Suk Yin (known as Yeo Suk Hyun in Korea) was found deceased has been listed for sale. Just a month following the sorrowful passing of the actress, the property situated in the prestigious Broadview complex at North Point, Hong Kong, has hit the market.

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The asking price is set at 16 million Hong Kong dollars or ₩2.73 billion KRW (about $2.04 million USD), markedly below the area’s standard property values.

In a district where property prices can soar as high as ₩4.44 billion KRW (about $3.32 million USD), the current listing price represents a significant discount, sparking interest and speculation among Korean netizens as well. The news has garnered a lot of attention, with one article trending at number 3 on Naver with over 26,500 views.

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Lai Suk Yin, aged 47 at the time of death, was discovered in her apartment on December 26th last year, leaving behind a legacy tinged with both brilliance and melancholy. The actress, beloved for her roles and particularly noted for her appearance in Dangerous Seduction 3: Spinal Cord Heaven, had battled depression for over two decades, enduring the relentless challenge with support through regular medical treatment.

Lai’s last post on Instagram, wishing her son a happy birthday. | @bonnie_lai_suk_yin_/Instagram


The property itself boasts three bedrooms and a terrace that offers a breathtaking view of Victoria Harbour. This feature alone makes the apartment a coveted asset among the elite, drawn to the blend of luxury and scenic beauty.

The decision to list the apartment at 10 million Hong Kong dollars less than the market rate could reflect a myriad of factors, including the owner’s desire for a swift transaction or perhaps the property’s tragic history influencing its valuation.

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Lai Suk Yin was no stranger to attention, with the actress being loved by many. Though she garnered a lot of love for her cinematography, the actress also made headlines for her divorce from martial artist Yik Hye Kwan and later remarriage to a popular plastic surgeon a year later.

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As the real estate market buzzes with the news of this listing, the memory of Lai Suk Yin and her contributions to the film industry remains a somber backdrop to the potential deal.

Source: 8Days