Popular American TikToker Shares How He Ended Up Sitting Right Next To BTS’s Suga At The NBA Game

You might know him as the guy in his 30s.

BTS member Suga was recently invited to the Los Angeles Lakers vs. the Dallas Mavericks NBA game in Los Angeles, California.

From his all-black attire that made him look like a million bucks

| @agustd/Instagram

to his cute reaction to kids and cheerleaders dancing to BTS’s songs,

to fans showing up to show love with the iconic “Yoongi marry me” signs-

the rapper drew attention at the game for multiple reasons.

Though he is back in South Korea now, ARMYs can’t get over his iconic appearance at the NBA. And so can’t Sidney Raz, a famous American TikTok creator.

| @sidneyraz/Twitter

Raz is best known for his informational yet funny TikToks that often focus on life hacks that he discovered in his 30s. He has garnered a following of 3.9 million on the platform, seconded by his Instagram following of 874,000.

The TikToker shared how he got the seats in a TikTok video that also included footage of him interacting with Suga!

According to Raz, he and his wife were gifted courtside seats for the game. But the two were under the impression that they would be seated a few rows back since they were unfamiliar with how it all works.

 But when they arrived at the venue, the couple realized that their seats were right next to Suga’s.

Raz hilariously noted, “There were a lot of cameras because of Suga from BTS. LeBron James was there too.”

During the game, Raz shared that he was utterly starstruck, sarcastically stating, “We sat next to Suga and acted totally normal.” He even interacted with the BTS member as the two shared a laugh over something, and he noted that Suga was very nice in real life.

During the game, Raz had also tweeted that he had “accidentally kicked a drink” onto Suga, which made fans realize that the familiar face beside Suga at the game was indeed the “Here’s-something-I-didn’t-know-until-I-was-in-my-30s” TikTok creator himself!

Additionally, when someone asked Raz how Suga smelled, he offered a realistic yet hilarious reply.

While the anecdote has some ARMYs envious of Raz’s luck, some fans felt that they would probably not survive being in such close proximity to any  BTS member.

Congratulations to Sidney Raz for living every ARMY’s best dream and the worst nightmare simultaneously!


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