Popular Female Comedian Shares About Traumatic Plastic Surgery Fail

It could have been a major health risk!

South Korean comedian and actor Park Bodre recently shared about a dangerous side effect she experienced after cosmetic surgery.

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The comedian appeared on the VIVO TV YouTube channel as a special guest, where she was joined by broadcaster Park Seul Gi and actress Jung Jung Ah. During their conversation, Park Bodre brought up the incident that led to her close friendship with Park Seul Gi.

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(From L to R) Park Seul Gi, Jung Jung Ah, and Park Bodre | VIVO TV

The comedian humorously explained that the two became close during a time when her “body was ill.” She elaborated that she had some “tuning” done to her body, while her hand gestures, pointing at her chest, clarified that she had some sort of a breast procedure done.

Park recalled that one day, one of her breasts started hurting, and the implant on that side burst suddenly. The comedian hilariously verified that the implant blew up on its own, adding, “No one really popped them; don’t misunderstand,”

She went on to explain that in that crisis moment, she could only think of reaching out to Park Seul Gi since she is known to be well-networked. Thankfully, after receiving Park Bodre’s panicked phone call, Park was able to connect her to a clinic that specialized in chest procedures and helped her get treated.

Though Park Bodre’s health scare was more than severe, we’re happy that it turned into a heartwarming story, looking back at the start of a lasting friendship!

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