Popular Female Idol Faces Difficulty Entering The US Because Of Her Staff Member

She was a member of an iconic girl group before.

Former AOA member and soloist Choa recently shared her experience traveling to the US and an unexpected difficulty she faced while entering the country.

Choa | @queenchoa_/Instagram

On December 21, the singer uploaded a new video on her YouTube channel, the title indicating that it was the first part of her US trip vlogs. She mentioned that she was flying out to shoot in the automobile factories of Hyundai and Kia Motors at the invitation of the companies.

She left for the US with her stylist and manager excitedly, but on arrival, she had to face a “major incident.”

Choa’s stylist had to be pulled away by the airport authorities because the picture on her passport looked too different from her face!

Now, South Korean plastic surgeons are notorious for being so good at their jobs that often their patients face similar predicaments. But Choa’s stylist didn’t even have anything done to her face. The singer humorously commented, “Being tired…isn’t a sin…,” hinting that the confusion was probably caused by the difference between her well-groomed picture and her tired bare face.

Fortunately, the misunderstanding was resolved soon, and Choa’s stylist returned safely to friendly leg-pulling from her colleagues. The singer and her team then set off to the automobile factory for her shoot in Alabama.

You can watch the complete chaos go down here: