Popular Idol Leaves Audience Shocked With Her Unbelievably Low Body Weight

She has never touched the 50s on the scale.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of dieting, body image issues, or eating disorders that may trigger some readers.

The topic of body image and physical health issues in K-Pop is a longstanding debate. While it is widely acknowledged that idols are constantly subjected to unhealthy standards and concerning diet culture, there are varying opinions about how much fans should be allowed to probe into these matters, which could often be very personal for the artists.

One popular idol who has always been in the spotlight for her appearance for almost the entirety of her career is Sandara Park. Though usually, it is her ageless beauty that gets all the attention, currently, the singer has caused a stir after revealing her shockingly low body weight on national television.

Sandara Park | @daraxxi/Instagram

Park was a guest on the December 5 episode of SBS‘s show Strong Heart. The episode’s panel consisted of people with polar opposite eating habits, with Park and Kim Doo Young being the ones with small appetites, while Shin Gi RuLee Guk Joo, and Agent H being on the other side with a large appetite.

Sandara Park and Lee Guk Joo | SBS

During the discussion, it was revealed that the small appetite team’s total weight was less than 100 kg. Sandara Park then left the studio in shock, revealing that her current weight, after a recent gain, is 38 kgs.

These days, I have been eating well and gained weight to reach 38 kgs.

— Sandara Park

When another panelist asked her about her heaviest weight to date, Park delivered an even more surprising answer. According to the singer, gaining weight is so difficult for her that when she went up to 46kgs, it was unbelievable to her.

I was shocked when I hit 46kgs. I realized nothing is impossible in this world.

— Sandara Park

Though 46kgs is still very much on the lower side of body weight for someone of Park’s age and build, she explained that at that “heavy” stage, she did feel uncomfortable. “If I wasn’t sucking it in, my belly would pop out,” she said. Her stylist even asked her back then to lose some weight.

When I weighed 46 kgs, my stylist asked me if I could lose 2 kgs.

— Sandara Park

Park ended up complying with the stylist’s request and joined a gym soon, along with starting a dieting regimen.

She also honestly talked about her perspective of food and food shows, admitting that watching extravagant mukbang videos makes her feel nauseated. But when she craves late-night snacks like ramen, mukbang videos work just fine to satiate that.

Though body weight can be sensitive, the fact that Park has always been transparent about it shows how comfortable she is in her body. Regardless of what the scale says, each individual’s body is different, and their well-being is what should matter to anyone at the end of the day.

Source: Sports Chosun