Popular Korean Singer Immediately Takes Down Her Newly Released Song

Something else was released.

Trot singer Jang Yoon Jeong released a new song but had to quickly be taken down due to a mistake during distribution.

Jang Yoon Jeong | @jangmasteryj/Instagram

On December 20, Jang Yoon Jeong uploaded a new single, “Like the Wind and the Sky,” at noon (KST). However, the practice version was mistakenly released instead of the official audio file during distribution.

After the song’s release, Jang Yoon Jeong’s agency, TN Entertainment, released a statement clarifying the incident.

The practice version of the new song ‘Like the Wind and the Sky,’ which is in a different key, was released to the public today at noon as an accident.

— TN Entertainment

Jang Yoon Jeong’s “Like the Wind and Sky” album cover | TN Entertainment

They continued that they are currently in the process of replacing it with the official version and sincerely apologized to those who had been waiting for the new song.

Jang Yoon Jeong also shared her feelings about the situation on her Instagram account on the same day.

Sigh. How could this happen. I’m sorry to those who were looking forward to and waiting for [the song].

— Jang Yoon Jeong


She further explained that she was shocked when she first heard what was released instead of the official audio.

I was so surprised when I listen to the song. I can’t believe the practice recording file went up as the official version… I think it has been replaced now. I was a skeleton for two hours.

— Jang Yoon Jeong


However, fans were surprised because they did not even realize the released version was a practice version. They praised Jang Yoon Jeong’s singing skills and commented that even “the practice version sounds perfect” and that they “thought it was just a new song and didn’t know it was a practice version.”

  • “Mistakes like this make me want to listen to it more.”
  • “This song must be bound for success~ You must have worked hard, good job!”
  • “Huh….????!!!!”
  • “H u h..????? If that was the practice version and flawless, then I wonder how good the official version is”
  • “While we’re at it, please release the practice version hehe”
  • “I’m listening to it on repeat… The practice version is perfect, too! The best!”
  • “Um?? Practice version..??!!”
  • “That’s the practice version file…? I can’t believe the quality..”
  • “How could the practice version be this perfect??? I can’t wait to hear the official version…”
  • “Huh??!!! How can the practice recording file be this flawless…?”
  • “The practice recording file is this good..?? It makes me look forward to the official version!”

Jang Yoon Jeong’s announcer and TV personality husband, Do Kyung Wan, even left a comment supporting his wife.

I’ll have to distribute myself from now on…..

— Do Kyung Wan

| TN Entertainment

“Like the Wind and the Sky” is Jang Yoon Jeong’s first release in one year and eight months.


Source: Wikitree