Popular Korean Singer Runs Away And Lies To Police After Causing Car Accident

He is under investigation.

Kim Ho Jung, a well-known Korean trot singer, is currently under investigation for his involvement in a hit-and-run incident, as reported by the Seoul Gangnam Police Station. The incident, which occurred late on the evening of May 9, involved a collision with a taxi during an attempt to change lanes by the singer.

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Following the collision, Kim Ho Jung reportedly fled the scene, leading to an investigation by local authorities. Later developments revealed that an individual from Kim’s management company came forward at the police station, falsely claiming he was the driver at the time of the accident.

However, following police questioning, Kim later admitted to driving the car on the night of the accident after initially denying any involvement.

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In a recent statement, Saengak Entertainment, Kim’s management company, acknowledged the accident involving their artist and a taxi. They explained that Kim Ho Jung had stopped his car in a nearby alley to speak with his manager after the accident occurred.

On the evening of the 9th, there was a traffic accident involving Kim Ho Jung and a taxi. Right after the accident, Kim Ho Jung parked his car in an alley and called his manager. In the meantime, the taxi driver reported the accident to the police. The manager, upon learning of the situation, went to the police station and confessed that he was the one driving.

Upon learning this, Kim Ho Jung turned himself in to the police station, where he underwent an investigation and a breathalyzer test, which showed no alcohol in his system. We are now waiting for the results regarding the accident.

— Kim’s agency

Despite this, the mishandling of the situation post-accident has been acknowledged by Kim and his agency, who expressed their apologies for the distress caused and promised to manage the aftermath responsibly.

Kim Ho Jung was so flustered at the time of the accident that he failed to handle the situation properly. We share our deepest apology for causing social controversy. The agency and Kim Ho Jung promise to do their best in dealing with the aftermath.

— Kim’s agency

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Police are now looking into whether Kim Ho Jung was driving under the influence, despite his agency’s statements denying any alcohol involvement.

Source: XPorts News and wikitree
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