The Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups Now Have More Female Fans Than Male

Girl Groups have been performing strongly in Korean and global music charts mainly due to their female fans.

Recently, girl groups aespa, BLACKPINK, TWICE, and ITZY have each sold more than a million albums, primarily to female fans. Genie Music‘s analysis of top sellers from June to August showed women accounted for more than half of the sales, and the same trend is happening offline.

Aladin recently posted a chart that showed female versus male fans that bought albums from twenty-seven different groups. Only ten out of the twenty-seven groups had more male fans than females. Most of these girl groups ranged from 52.3 percent to 76.9 percent of female fans against males.

K-Pop girl group STAYC had the highest percentage of female fans on the Aladin report, with 76.9% female fans against 23.1% males | @stayc_highup/Instagram

The records of fourth-generation girl groups will also show that girl groups have been performing strongly in Korean and global music charts and album sales. Another trend has also been identified with the current performance of girl groups dominating the charts.

The latest girls’ groups emerging are doing away with the provocative and sensual image and are instead creating their own unique identities. NewJeans has brought a relaxed bohemian vibe to their appearance and music, proven successful by their chart accomplishments. Their merch items also cater more to female fans than male.

The NewJeans Pop-up Store | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter
NewJeans merch items at their pop-up Store | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

Following BLACKPINK‘s popularity, more girl groups have been launched by different labels trying to capitalize on the girl crush trend that BLACKPINK started. The girl crush concept in K-Pop reflects an aspirational slant for female fans wanting to be like the girl group members they admire.

According to Lee Hye Jin, a clinical assistant professor of communication at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, the new girl groups have been offering a different perspective of what girl groups can be, veering away from the girl crush concept that was prevalent in the past years.

NewJeans has thrown everything into disarray with a very laid-back, chill and retro or a throwback to the late 1990s feel, highlighting its innocence ― granted that all members are minors ― and simplicity, thereby offering a respite from the girl crush concept that seems to have hit its saturation point.

— Professor Lee Hye Jin

Professor Lee also explained that there is no defined formula to make a new girl group successful.

Not everyone has to imitate BLACKPINK or (G)I-DLE‘s girl crush concept to survive and thrive. They can start with good, catchy songs and highlight their performance skills and unique personalities like IVE and STAYC.

— Professor Lee Hye Jin




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