Popular Netflix Series “Money Heist” Is Getting A Korean Remake

Who should be the Korean “Professor”?

One of Netflix‘s most popular dramas right now, Money Heist, is reportedly getting a Korean remake.

According to an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports, BH Entertainment (no, not Big Hit Entertainment) and its production agency ZIUM Contents is pushing for a remake version of Money Heist. They have already begun the process, discussing with Netflix and are in the stage of development.

Money Heist is a Spanish drama that has been airing since 2017. It tells the story of a man who recruits 8 people to help him carry out a heist of the Royal Mint of Spain. Since its addition to Netflix, it has become one of Netflix’s most-watched dramas, often finding itself in the Top 10 list even in South Korea. The popularity has gotten so high, netizens have even created their dream casting lineup using only Korean actors and actresses.

  • The Professor – Jo Jin Woong
  • Tokyo – Bae Doo Na
  • Berlin – Cha Seung Won
  • Nairobi – Jin Seo Yeon
  • Rio – Lee Hyun Woo
  • Denver – Ryu Jun Yeol
  • Moscow – Go Chang Suk
  • Helsinki – Ma Dong Seok
  • Oslo – Kim Dae Myung
  • Lisbon – Kim Hye Soo
  • Angel Rubio – Jo Jae Yoon
  • Arturo – Kim Eui Sung
  • Monica – Jung Ryeo Won
  • Prieto – Lee Kyung Young

With the news of a possible remake, Korean netizens await in high anticipation for the casting of the remake and how much of the story line will remain the same, or will be modified.

BH Entertainment is home to many top actors including Lee Byung Hun, Yoo Ji Tae, Go Soo, Han Hyo Joo, Han Ji Min, and Kim Go Eun. They also have their own production agency, called ZIUM Contents, who is also pursuing a Hollywood remake of popular Korean horror film Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum.

Source: Ilgan Sports