Popular “Produce 48” Contestant Jurina Matsui Might Leave The Show

One of Produce 48’s most popular contestants may not be returning to the show.

Produce 48 contestant and SKE48 member Matsui Jurina has halted all SKE48 promotions due to health issues.

She was absent from SKE48’s single release event held on July 1, due to her poor health condition, which brings into question her participation in this month’s Produce 48 recording.


The SKE48 Theatre Manager tweeted in regards to Jurina’s  situation just last week.

“We apologize for causing you all to worry. We are also worried but we for Matsui Jurina’s sake please wait a bit more. The one who wants to thank and greet the fans the most is Jurina herself. Thank you fans. Here are some photos from when she went to Taiwan to film a show.”  — @SKE48_YUASA


If she doesn’t come to Korea for the second round’s filming on July 16, then many assume that she has dropped out of the show and competition.

Jurina has maintained a spot in the debut group since the show began, demonstrating her phenomenal popularity in Korea.


Fans are no doubt hoping to see her health recover and continue to watch her growth through Produce 48. 

Watch her solo fancam from the group evaluation here!

Source: The Big Data