Pornstar K-Pop Group “Honey Popcorn” Has Just Debuted (12 Photos)

The former pornstar girl group has completed their first performance at their showcase.

The controversial girl group called Honey Popcorn just debuted with the opening of their showcase!

A group of netizens had protested against their debut because all three members are adult film actresses from Japan.


They performed “Bibidi Babidi Boo”, the title track from their debut album.


Honey Popcorn member Yua said that despite the public concern for their debut, she likes K-Pop and that she wants to debut in Korea to become a global star.


She also expressed that she couldn’t sleep the previous night because she was busy nervously watching their teaser video over and over.


She also explained that their group name Honey Popcorn derives from the mixture of sweetness and excitement of the popcorn you eat at an amusement park.


Another member Miko mentioned TWICE as a K-Pop singer she’d like to meet.


The reason she wanted to meet TWICE was because of their Japanese members.


She explained that TWICE’s Japanese members (Momo, Sana, and Mina) were from Osaka just like she was and so she’d like to talk about Osaka with them.


Sakura also added that she’d like to learn dance with the TWICE members.


Sakura said she especially liked the girls’ unique and beautiful hairstyles.


She said she’d like to learn how to take good care of her hair from them.


The Blue House petition with over 24,000 signatures that protested against their debut is no longer applicable as the Honey Popcorn girls officially debuted!


The public will have to wait and see how these former pornstars transform their image through K-Pop.


Watch their performance below:

Source: Media us and Dispatch
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