Possibility of BTS-Wale Collab Has Fans Going Crazy Over This Tweet

Wale‘s latest Tweet shows he’s on his way to the other side of the world and fans are convinced that this means that a Wale-BTS collab is about to be in the works!

Following their exchange on Twitter last December, BTS and Wale may, in fact, be working together. Leader Rap Monster gave Wale a shoutout on Twitter in December after noticing Wale had mentioned the group in one of his songs. Rap Monster had been a fan of Wale for a long time, even using one of Wale’s songs to produce his mixtape before debut.

Now, fans can get excited, as Wale posted on February 15 that he was headed to the other side of the world. He even mentioned “Army” which could be an allusion to BTS’s fan club A.R.M.Y.

At the time of the original interaction, Wale had tweeted “it’s in motion”. This may have indicated the artists were in talks to work together. Fans are excited now to see the collaboration start to take shape.

BTS’s previous collaborations have done well in the past and helped earn them their international recognition.

Check out some of the work BTS has done with foreign artists, especially Rap Monster – who has worked with talents such as Warren G and Krizz Kaliko.

Also be sure to check out the English version of BTS’s “Danger”, where they collaborated with Vietnamese artist Thanh Bui.