Post Malone’s Dad Calls Out Spotify In Support Of BTS’s Jimin On Twitter

2023 is full of unexpected crossovers.

In a wild turn of events, Post Malone‘s father seems to have come to the defense of BTS member Jimin, taking a stand for him against Spotify.

Post Malone with BTS members at the 2020 Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve | Twitter

It all started when Malone’s fans noticed that Spotify had split the streams for the explicit and clean versions of his song “Chemical.” Usually, Spotify links all the versions of the same song and combines their streams, and that is how it counts towards charts. So, fans started tagging the streaming platform on Twitter, demanding they fix the situation and combine the streams for both versions of “Chemical.”

After three days of requesting, Spotify finally made the necessary changes to link the two versions. When ARMYs noticed this, they started asking why the platform won’t do the same for Jimin’s song “Like Crazy.” The song broke the record for “The Biggest Solo Song Debut” by a K-Pop soloist in Spotify’s Global Chart history. But soon after, Spotify split the streams for its English and Korean versions.

While ARMYs were campaigning to hold Spotify accountable for their alleged double standards, Post Malone’s fanbases also started supporting them. But it was quite a surprise when Malone’s dad himself joined in to show his support!

When ARMYs recognized his account, they were equal parts flabbergasted and grateful.