“Health Code Violation”: PPULVERSE Exposes TXT’s Messy Dorm In Now-Deleted Post

She exposed their messy habbits!

PPULVERSE is exposing TXT!


TXT have previously given MOAs a glimpse into their dorm life. As expected, the members live like one would expect young men in their early adulthood to live.


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their dorm is a mystery tbh. what else is there #txt #tomorrowxtogether #moa

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Yet, PPULVERSE has now low-key exposed TXT’s current dorm life. PPULVERSE, TXT’s official Weverse account for updates, teased that TXT will release a dorm cleaning vlog if their new song “Chasing That Feeling” ranks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In the post, PPULVERSE encouraged MOAs to stream to save their messy dorm, calling it “ALMOST a health code violation.” 


PPULVERSE even hid the post from Artists (TXT). Still, shortly after posting, it was deleted.

Still, we should be streaming!

Check out TXT’s previous dorm reveal below.

TXT Reveals The Members’ Roommate Situation At Their Dorm

The Internet Is Forever

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