Givenchy Korea’s President Reveals They Signed aespa As Brand Ambassadors Even Before Their Debut

The luxury brand took a leap of faith when they signed the group even before they debuted!

Ever since their debut in November 2020, rookie girl group aespa has been on a roll!

Aespa | SM Entertainment

With their innovative group concept and explosive debut song, they began to get attention from the beginning for their visuals and talents, and had netizens talking about them for days!

| SM Entertainment

Soon after their debut, aespa was announced as the first-ever brand ambassador for luxury brand Givenchy, and cemented their status as rising monster rookies in the K-Pop industry! Regarding selecting the group as their brand ambassadors, Matthew M. Williams, the creative director for Givenchy, explained why aespa was perfect for their brand!

When I first saw aespa, I was overwhelmed with the energy each member had. Both as a group and individually as Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning, I could feel the strong individuality and style of each member, so naturally, they would fit with Givenchy.

aespa’s fashion is having their own color.

—Matther M. Williams

| @aespa_official/Twitter

And now, Givenchy once again talked about how great it is to have aespa as their brand ambassadors! SM Entertainment recently hosted the World Cultural Industry Forum (WCIF) on July 1, where alongside other big names in the industry, they also invited Lee Hyo Wan, president of Givenchy Korea!

WCIF Teaser | @세계문화산업포럼_WCIF/Youtube

During the broadcast, while talking about aespa’s brand deal with Givenchy, Lee Hyo Wan shared how taken they were by the members, and took the leap to approach SM Entertainment to sign them as ambassadors even before they debuted!

aespa was very new in the market, but Givenchy Korea persuaded HQ [by saying], ‘We need to sign a contract even before they debut.’

But I think it was a very safe bet.

—Lee Hyo Wan

She then further complimented aespa by sharing how, in the span of just 6 months, they managed to solidify their status as a rising girl group, and placed first in the brand reputation rankings for the month of June!

It’s only been 6 months, and in June, in terms of brand recognition, aespa was ranked no.1. So you can see how successful they are.

So I think me persuading HQ was a very confident bet [to make]!

—Lee Hyo Wan

In the month of June, aespa not only placed first in the group brand reputation rankings, but also took many of the spots in the top 10 of the individual brand rankings for female idols! Maknae Ningning placed 7th…

…while Giselle was in 5th place!

Next, Winter came in at No.4…

…and aespa’s leader and center, Karina, took the no.1 spot in the female idol brand reputation rankings!

The members have also participated in shoots for Givenchy Korea, and suffice to say, many agree that they’re a group of powerful visuals that are perfect for the luxury brand!

| | @aespa_official/Twitter

You can watch the whole conference here!