Presidential Transition Committee Confirms They Will Not Invite BTS To The Inauguration Ceremony

They hope to invite them another time.

The Presidential Transition Committee has decided not to invite K-Pop group BTS to perform at the inauguration ceremony of the 20th President Yoon Seok Yeol that will take place next month.

Park Joo Seon, chairman of the Presidential Transition Committee, held a press conference for an interim report to the public and stated, “It is true that we reviewed various proposals, including BTS performing at the inauguration ceremony. However, during the review process, it was evaluated that it was right to prepare the ceremony with children, youth, vulnerable groups, and unknown stars, and go with the basic principle of genuine national harmony”.

He continued, “We didn’t think it was appropriate to invite BTS this time. Especially with a limited inauguration budget, it may be difficult to bring world famous stars like BTS, so we have concluded not to invite them this time. We hope that there will be an opportunity invite them when there is a public event worthy of BTS’s status and reputation”.

Source: busan news