“BTS Is Not Together”: PRETTYMUCH Argues That They Are The Last Boy Band Standing

Netizens had mixed feelings about the interview.

PRETTYMUCH claimed they are the last boy band of their era.

PRETTYMUCH is an American-Canadian pop and R&B boy band consisting of members Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Austin Porter, Zion Kuwonu, and formerly Nick Mara. They were all pursuing solo careers until Simon Cowell formed the band in 2016. Since then, they have been based in Los Angeles, California, and have released five EPs (no full album).

From left: Edwin, Austin, Brandon, Zion, and Nick | GQ

While all the members are 90s kids and all adults now, they believe they are the last boy band standing…

In a recent interview on the Zach Sang Show, co-host Dan Zolot commented that although PRETTYMUCH debuted at a time when there were a lot of boy bands active, it appears there aren’t many left.

When you guys were coming up, there was a bunch of groups kind of like you, and it seems like nobody’s really doing it anymore other than you guys…

— Dan Zolot

Zach Sang Show/YouTube

This seemed to excite the members to believe they might have an advantage in the music industry. Zion agreed with Dan’s statement, but he added that BTS, the biggest boy band in the world, is no longer together. Dan and Zion continued and mentioned other groups recently disbanded or took hiatus, such as Why Don’t We and Brockhampton. To be fair, Why Don’t We’s hiatus isn’t even entirely by choice, as they have been victims and are facing legal struggles.

I don’t think there’s any groups left! BTS is not together…

— Zion Kuwonu

From left: J-Hope, Suga, Jin, V, RM, Jimin, and Jungkook | BIGHIT MUSIC

Host Zach Sang is an outspoken K-Pop fan and member of the BTS ARMY, so he chimed in, clarifying that BTS is not disbanded. He explained they’re just taking time to fulfill their mandatory military enlistment.

BTS is… they are still a group, but they are still serving in the military, so…

— Zach Sang

Zach Sang Show/YouTube

So, PRETTYMUCH clarified that regardless of BTS’s active status, they don’t consider them in the same category as their genre as “K-Pop is … its own world.” Brandon Arreaga complimented the genre but reiterated that PRETTYMUCH is America’s last boy band.

K-Pop is like its own world. That is like… Yeah, they’re incredible. But, the U.S. at least, I think like nobody else is in this pocket right now.

— Brandon Arreaga

Zach Sang Show/YouTube

The hosts and band members added that most groups aren’t active internationally. Even Latin American boy band CNCO recently announced they would break up after just seven years together.

Zach Sang Show/YouTube

This interview clip went viral on social media due to the group’s controversial opinion. Many ARMYs praised Zach Sang for speaking up about BTS…

| @zachsangshow/TikTok

Yet, netizens also pointed out the number of active “boy bands.” For example, while the Jonas Brothers debuted long before PRETTYMUCH, they are as active as ever. Some voiced that mentioning Why Don’t We was also not entirely appropriate.


Watch the full interview below.

Source: Wikipedia and Zach Sang Show

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