The Shockingly Expensive Prices Of Suzy’s Furniture In Her Recent Instagram Updates

We knew she was rich but this is insane!

Suzy is known as one of the richest celebrities in South Korea for her generation of stars, given her vast influence. As a top CF star, one would expect for her house to be covered in luxuries. Her recent Instagram updates did not disappoint when fans found out how much her furniture costs.

She shared a gorgeous photo of her ready for winter in a knit outfit.

| @skuukzky/Instagram

The price of the chair? $8529!

| 바이래슨

This squiggly mirror looks cute and all but…

| @skuukzky/Instagram

…we will pass on the $10000 price tag.

| Ettore Sottsas

Would you cop these items?

Source: theqoo