Prices For Jessica Jung’s “BLANC & ECLARE” Get Revisited In Light Of Her Lawsuit

Netizens believe her products are “too expensive.”

Previously, Jessica Jung made headlines after it was reported that her fashion company BLANC & ECLARE was embroiled in a ₩8.00 billion KRW (about $6.79 million USD) lawsuit after failing to pay back their loan debt.

Jessica Jung | BLANC & ECLARE

As this news began to take over the nation’s headlines, netizens have started to revisit the prices of BLANC & ECLARE products. The girly and feminine concept that Jessica is known for clearly shines through the brand’s product choices, as there is an obvious theme that presents itself throughout the website.

However, these “pretty” fashion pieces have been deemed to be “too expensive” by netizens, as they talk about the brand’s pricing.

Jessica Jung at a “BLANC & ECLARE” event.

Here are the “Gracelyn” and “Helena” dresses priced at ₩440,000 KRW (about $370 USD) each…


…this “Lani” coat priced at ₩658,000 KRW (about $554 USD)…


…a white shirt priced at ₩280,000 KRW (about $236 USD)…


…a simple black baseball cap that costs ₩79,000 KRW (about $66.50 USD)…


…and this beige “Jocelyn” coat that costs ₩500,000 KRW (about $421 USD).


And while the clothing pieces are well curated, Korean netizens had a split in opinions regarding the prices of the BLANC & ECLARE products.

| theqoo
  • “What? The pieces don’t look like they cost that much.”
  • “It is really pretty.”
  • “The clothes are pretty, but I’d only buy them if they were 1/5 of the cost.”
  • “The designs are pretty, but it’s too expensive…the more pricey something is, it’s because of the name brand but just because you buy something at that price doesn’t mean you’ll be acknowledged for it. I feel like people would rather buy high end luxury brands or fast fashion.”
  • “It’s too expensive.”
  • “Wow, the prices are similar to luxury designers, but is the quality up there too.”
  • “The clothes are all pretty, but it’s too pricey. But there are also lots of clothes out there that are ugly and expensive so I guess this isn’t too bad.”
  • “The prices are okay, but the designs are not crappy.”
  • “It’s too much.”
Jessica in a promotional advertisement for “BLANC & ECLARE.”

Jessica Jung founded BLANC & ECLARE and it was officially launched back in August 2014. It has since opened up over 60 stores worldwide in locations, such as Seoul, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, and more.

The brand proved its popularity, as BLANC & ECLARE has been seen on numerous different stars, such as BLACKPINKRed VelvetTWICE, former I.O.I members and more.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie wearing BLANC & ECLARE’s “Freesia” jacket | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Which may be the reasons why the ongoing lawsuit came as an even bigger surprise to the public, as the brand had been seeing domestic and international success since its debut.

Krystal (left) with Jessica Jung (right) at a “BLANC & ECLARE” event.

No further updates have been made regarding Jessica’s ongoing loan lawsuit.

Source: theqoo