“During Pride Month” — Popular K-Drama’s Surprising Twist Has Viewers Shipping Two Female Characters

Honestly, we ship them too!

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Though dramas usually have set couples and pairings that are “endgame,” sometimes fans will “ship” or pair together two characters outside the show’s cannon.

Many viewers shipped True Beauty characters Seojun and Jugyeong despite the series’ ending. | tvN

Recently, fans have been left shipping two characters together after a development in the latest episodes.

In May 2024, The Atypical Family began airing, telling the story of a super powered family who cannot use their skills due to various issues. For example, Jang Ki Yong‘s character, Bok Gwi Ju, can no longer go back in time and visit happy memories following the death of his wife.

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Claudia Kim appears in the series as Gwi Ju’s sister, Bok Dong Hee, who is unable to fly due to her obesity.

Claudia Kim | JTBC

Fans were intially not a fan of the character, citing fat phobia as a reason. However, as the series has progressed, many viewers have more positive feelings towards Bok Dong Hee as she attempted to solve her problems.

She begins working out to lose weight at her family’s gym where Grace, the female lead’s sister, ends up interviewing for work.

Ryu Abel as Grace | JTBC

Though scheming, Dong Hee catches Grace with her fiancé, Ji Han, which empowers her to dump him. As the drama progresses, the two women become closer and closer, with Grace helping Dong Hee achieve her goals, including getting her ex back.

When Ji Han is revealed to still be a money hungry cheater, Grace brings Dong Hee to see for herself. In the ensuing fight over money, Ji Han pushes Grace out of a window.  Amazingly, this triggers Dong Hee’s ability to fly and she is able to save Grace.

Many viewers saw Grace being the reason why Dong Hee’s ability returned as a sign that the two should have been more than friends.

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