“Prince of Asia” Kwang Soo starts filming for Chinese reality program “If You Love”

It has been officially confirmed that Lee Kwang Soo will be appearing in the upcoming new season of Chinese reality program If You Love!

In the show’s first season last year, miss A‘s Fei and 2PM‘s Chansung were coupled with other celebrities, while 2PM’s Nichkhun also made an appearance as a special guest. The casting of the K-pop stars is made possible largely due to the fact that CJ E&M, producer of many films linking Korea and other countries, has participated in the show’s production since its first season.

If You Love (Ru Guo Ai) is not to be confused with We Are In Love, the Chinese version of We Got Married which Super Junior‘s Siwon is starring in.

According to an update through the show’s official Weibo, filming for the show started yesterday, April 8th. It was also previously confirmed through the same account that Kwang Soo is included in the second season’s lineup. Kwang Soo himself also acknowledged his appearance, sharing the original news post and informing fans on Weibo of his arrival in China yesterday.

Possible candidates to be paired up with Kwang Soo are Lynn Hung Dailin (ex-girlfriend of Aaron Kwok), Zhang Meng, and Christy Chung. Other male stars to appear alongside them are Golden Zhang Lunshuo and Fan Shiqi.

If You Love is planning to premiere its second season on Hubei TV in June.

Source: If You Love Weibo