PRISTIN Rena Deactivates Her Instagram After A Twitter Account Spread a Rumor About Her

She deactivated her Instagram after the rumor broke out.

Recently, PRISTIN‘s Rena opened up her own Instagram account, which she used to post dance videos, photos, and interact with the fans. It appears she deactivated her account after a Twitter user started posting false statements about the idol.

The user noticed how Rena had liked a man’s photo on Instagram. She also shared his Tik Tok account to fans in a Kakao Talk chat room. The Twitter user started posting rumors about how the two were dating since Rena spoke about wearing orange and the man is the photo is seen wearing orange. They also said that they are dating since they had a meal together and posted photos of it on Instagram.

The rumors spread quickly. Numerous news publications picked up on the rumors and wrote about it. Her name was also highly searched after the rumor broke out.

People started leaving negative comments on her Instagram after the rumors were revealed. After the flood of negative comments, the idol deactivated or deleted her account.