PRISTIN’s Nayoung Admits What Her Ideal Weight Is… And It’s Not What You Think

She surprised everyone.

Recently, fans have been concerned over Nayoung’s sudden change in appearance – predominantly due to her rapid weight loss. 


Far from the 50 kilograms weight posted on her personal profile… 


However, an appearance on KBS Hello got her confessing that she’s on the path on achieving a healthy weight.


It started when another guest of the program shared this problem, “My sister’s goal is 45 kilograms, but her personality became bad. She was nice when she was chubby but her personality changed as she lost weight.” 


It led to the rest of the cast members to talk about the topic with Nayoung confessing to her personal goal.

“I meet friends while I work out regularly.

I go back and forth between 49-50 kilograms. I’m trying to gain weight. It’s most important to be healthy.”

-PRISTIN’s Nayoung


Although it’s important for idols to maintain a certain image, it was more than welcoming that Nayoung also prefers to have a healthier image onstage.


Source: MKSports