You Probably Remember “We Got Married”, Now Introducing A New Variety Show — “We Got Divorced”

What do you think they will talk about?

We Got Married was MBC‘s fake dating show for celebrities, but now there’s a new competitor in town — TV Chosun‘s We Got Divorced.

According to an exclusive report from YTN, We Got Divorced will be a new variety show on TV Chosun, led by Lee Kook Yong PD, who is also the PD for the Taste of Love series. The program will also be led by writer Jung Sun Young, who worked on 1 Night 2 Days. The show will be about celebrities talking about divorce in a new, refreshing way. Currently, the timing of the first episode broadcast is still being coordinated, and the cast members are still in the final stages of negotiation.

Initially, the program was meant to be called a Taste of X and was supposed to be the third installment of the “Taste of” series, following Taste of Love and Taste of Wife. However, during the production stage, the show’s name was changed to We Got Divorced.

Following the reveal of the news, TV Chosun confirms that the Taste of Love series producers are preparing We Got Divorced.

We are preparing to launch a new variety program called We Got Divorced. The production team is currently in the final stages of preparation for the show.

— TV Chosun

Two celebrities who have been listed in the news to be joining the cast for the show are actors Lee Young Ha and Sunwoo Eun Sook. The two actors married in 1981 when they were two of the leading actors in Korea at the time. However, they divorced in 2007 after 26 years of marriage. Even though they are divorced, they have recently appeared in a broadcast together again alongside their son and daughter-in-law.

Source: YTN and Osen