“Produce 101” Jang Moonbok Was Outcast At School After Appearing On Audition Programs

The pain stayed with him for 12 years.

Jang Moonbok (also known as VOK or Moonvok) made a huge impact when he first appeared on Produce 101. With his long hair and preceding “Hip-hop President” title, he swiftly became a household name.

Behind that, however, he suffered for close to 12 years. On a recent episode of Marching Grandma (literal translation), he shared that he had been looked down upon for 12 years. When he was 16 years old, he appeared on the audition program Superstar K2.

Jang Moonbok on Marching Grandma. | Channel S

Although he had bravely taken up the challenge, his mistake on stage made him the laughingstock of his class. What made things worse was that his 16-year-old self had proclaimed himself as the “Hip-Hop President“.

Because of the Hip-Hop President image, I was looked down upon for 12 years. What should I do so that I won’t be looked down upon anymore? After that show, when I went to school, there was silence as soon as I appeared. I thought, ‘They don’t even treat me as a human.’ They even called my mom anonymously and cursed at her. I was only 16 then, but it seems like my image on the show was that of a pushover.

— Jang Moonbok

Despite the hardships, Moonbok decided to continue attempting his dreams as he competed on Produce 101 Season 2 in 2017. There, he was able to find friends and acceptance as he finished 27th. However, despite the fame, it looks like the pain stayed with him for years.

Moonbok debuted as a member of the boy group LIMITLESS back in 2019.

Source: Star News